This game of Dice is designed for 1 to 4 players (unfortunately you can only play it on one computer). Its goal is to get the highest number of points. Each player has 3 rolls of dice in each turn. After each roll, the dice you want to roll again are marked. If you finish the roll, you mark the field in which you want to enter the result.




In the full version of the game you have 2 additional fields to fill: a pair and 2 pairs. However, the main difference is in the method of counting points, giving much more room for manoeuvrer. The first change is the way of calculating points for the top block. We only get points for completing the entire block. We can get 0 or 35 points. Another very important change is the possibility of receiving additional points for filling a field in the lower block (excluding the pair and the chance). The bonus is awarded if we fill in a given field with an 'off-hand throw', i.e. a roll of all dice at once. After each roll, we can decide to additionally roll only a few dice, but we can also throw all dice again, which will also be an 'off-hand throw'.
The rules introduced here give players the opportunity to plan their game much better. You need to decide whether it is worth filling in the bottom block hoping to get the bonus, or maybe it is better to take a chance and try to throw something off-hand, to gain some additional points.



DICE – extended variant

The extended variant of this game introduces two additional fields in addition to those present in the full variant (even numbers and odd numbers). This variant also has changed rules for calculating the bonuses. The fields are divided into three blocks: a nursery, small figures and big figures. In the nursery, for rolling 3 dice and getting the chosen number of points, we get 0 points. For getting a smaller amount we get negative points, while for getting more points on the dice we get positive points. In addition, a bonus (or penalty for negative points) is awarded for completing the entire block.
The block with figures is divided into two parts: small figures and big figures. For completing all the fields for the big figures section, an additional bonus is granted.

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