Diamonds is a variation of the Marbles game, in which we have to put three marbles in a row. Only horizontal and vertical lines count in this game. The game starts with the entire board filled with marbles. We can move 2 adjacent marbles, providing we create in that way a line of 3 (or more) marbles. In the figure below, we can exchange the yellow marble with the green one. After finishing the move, all marbles forming lines are removed from the board.
Then the marbles from above fall down to free fields. Empty fields at the top of the board are filled with new marbles. After moving the marbles, it may turn out that there will be new lines with 3 marbles each. Then the marbles are removed and the board will be moved again. This sequence can be repeated many times. The longer the sequence, the more points are awarded for the removed marbles.
The game will end when you can no longer make any correct move.


Diamonds TURBO

The TURBO version is a very dynamic game indeed. The game ends after expiration of the predestined time or after exhausting all possible moves. For the latter situation to appear relatively rarely, the number of the marbles' colours is reduced, thanks to which we have much more allowed moves.

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